AdelanteND General Meeting



Latinos And 2016 Election

Dear AdelanteND members,

You are invited to our next general meeting on Friday, Nov. 13th at 11am.  All members are welcome to join a conversation with our special guest Professor of Political Science and Institute for Latino Studies Director Luis R. Fraga. He will join us to talk to us about the election. The goal of the conversation is to understand the role of Latinx voters across America and empower ourselves with the information to  help us navigate our roles as employees and professionals at ND.  Oftentimes we are called upon as representatives of the Latinx community, even if we are just one perspective, so many of our members want to have a conversation with an expert on Latino politics and an expert leading an institute that strengthens the mission of the University of Notre Dame.
Topic: Latinx Voters & the 2020 Election
There’s no question the Latino vote was crucial in this year’s presidential election. But to understand the impact of Latinos in 2020, it’s helpful to step back four years, to the victory of a president who has made anti-Latino and anti-immigrant sentiment a staple of his presidency. For additional information on this topic, read this ILS article or Prof. Luis Fraga's new co-edited book titled Latinos and the 2016 Election: Latino Resistance and the Election of Donald Trump.
11/13 Agenda:
11am Welcome and Introductions
11:10-11:40 Prof. Luis Fraga's presentation
11:40-11:55 Questions and Discussion
11:15-12 Announcements & Closing