Global Fireside Chat with Esteban Montes - ND Santiago Global Center


Location: Online

Join us for the first Global Fireside Chat that will feature Esteban Montes, Director of the Santiago Global Center, to discuss current issues in Chile and worldwide.

During the few years in Chile there has been a series of social movements and civil protests, most of them led by university and high school students, but also by women, indigenous peoples, environmental activists, and a number of other groups, that exploded in October of 2019. This last and violent episode led to the current process of creating a new constitution. This will be the first Chilean constitution entirely generated by democratic means in the more than 200 years of Chilean history as an independent country. It is interesting to compare these social movements and constitutional processes to similar events that have been taking place in several other parts of the world, like the Arab Spring, Hong Kong, Black Lives Matter, Fridays for Future, and other Latin American countries.

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Andreas E. Feldmann is Associate Professor in the Latin American and Latino Studies Program and Department of Political Science and Principal Investigator of the Global Immigration Cluster Initiative at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). He investigates topics in the intersection of comparative politics and international relations with a focus on Latin America. His research interests include forced migration, political violence and terrorism, human rights and South-South cooperation. 

Esteban Montes is the Director of the University of Notre Dame Santiago Global Center. He is president of the board of Colegios Diaconales. He served as senior legal and political advisor to the undersecretary of defense, Chile (2006-2009).  Has published on civil-military relations, political parties, electoral systems and constitutional reform in Chile, and on international cooperation with Haiti.