AdelanteND Online Event & Book Club: Subduction

Author: Adelante ND

We have an exciting opportunity to join with others for Hispanic Heritage Month at ND.

Letras Latinas( the literary initiative of the ILS) in partnership with AdelanteND, ND’s Creative Writing Program, and Red Hen Press, will be hosting an online virtual event on October 14, featuring the fiction writer and journalist, Kristen Millares Young. To learn more about Ms. Young’s long and varied career as a writer, we invite you to peruse her website

The focus of Ms. Millares Young's time with us will be her debut novel, SUBDUCTION (Red Hen Press, 2020). Here is a Washington Post review of her book. Professor Francisco Aragón will be joining AdelanteND's general meeting on September 15 to briefly say a bit more about the book. 

AdelanteND is hosting a book club for all AdelanteND members interested in reading SUBDUCTION and participating in the event, where Ms. Young will read a brief excerpt from SUBDUCTION. You may purchase your own book, however, AdelanteND has 12 copies and you can sign up now to win one!!! Sign up for our drawing here.

In the meantime, what we have in mind is the following: after reading SUBDUCTION, you will each have the opportunity to draft a question for Ms. Young. These questions will be forwarded to Professor Aragón. He will be co-hosting the virtual event with an MFA graduate student. Both will pose questions to Ms. Young and they will be the ones provided by YOU.

The event will be streamed from the platform, StreamYard.  The event will also be broadcast on Facebook Live, YouTube, and Red Hen Press’s home page. We will send more specific instructions on how to access the event as the October 14 date draws near.  

We look forward to your participation!