AdelanteND: Staff and Faculty Association Employee Resource Group Charter





Adelante means “Onward” in Spanish, as such Adelante ND’s mission is to move the University onward toward a fully realized diverse and inclusive place to work, specifically for those of Latino/a/x and Hispanic origins.  


Article 1: Mission and Vision

Adelante ND: Latinx Staff and Faculty Association is an Employee Resource Group, sponsored by the Office of Human Resources, is committed to diversity and inclusion at Notre Dame. AdelanteND's purpose is to build community among faculty and staff of hispanic heritage, as well as cultivate a sense of belonging and connection to our lady's university. AdelanteND members are committed to the mission and core values of Notre Dame and support the retention and recruitment of talented faculty and staff at the university.


Our objectives will help us meet our mission and support the University’s Diversity and Inclusion strategy. All references to “employees” speak to those of Latinx and Hispanic heritage and those who want to celebrate it.

  1. Foster a healthy climate of inclusiveness 
    1. Build an internal support system for employees
    2. Contribute to a campus community that is welcoming to people of all backgrounds
    3. Engage members in service activities
  2. Provide a platform for cross-cultural understanding 
    1. Increase awareness of issues important to ND Latino/a/x’s
    2. Engage in Latino/a/x activities across ND & St. Joseph County
    3. Provide a venue to discuss issues concerning Latino/a/x’s in the community  
  3. Provide career development and enrichment opportunities 
    1. Lunch & Learns
    2. Speakers
    3. Networking Events
  4. Promote engagement in the ND Family
    1. Welcome meetings 
    2. Match with mentors
    3. Social events for members and non-members to attend as a community


Article II: Leadership Committee

The Leadership Committee is composed of seven officers of AdelanteND; mainly President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Communications Lead, Membership Coordinator/Campus Outreach, and Events Coordinator. These are full-time ND employees who are committed to the mission of AdelanteND. The committee meets monthly and reports to the Office of Human Resources. Previous officers may continue to participate in Leadership meetings and serve as Adelante ND Advisors.

Officer Eligibility

Candidates must be actively engaged in AdelanteND. Active engagement includes two or more meetings per calendar year. Additionally, presidential and vice presidential candidates must have been an ND employee for a minimum of one year. In exceptional circumstances, a two thirds majority of the AdelanteND Leadership Committee may approve a candidate that does not meet these conditions.

Terms of office for all officers will be three years from January to December 31. 

Officer Selection

Upon completion of 34 of 36 months of service, the Leadership Committee will accept members and self-nominations for positions that will be vacant by January 1st. The nominations process begins November 1st and selection is completed December 1st. Finalists will be selected by the Leadership and will be notified by December 15. Candidates will be presented to the general body for approval by January 15th the following year. 

Officer Responsibilities

Officers must maintain at least 80% participation in all AdelanteND activities. This includes attending general body meetings and Leadership Committee planning sessions.


The President’s role is to act as spokesperson for the organization and represent the decisions of the Leadership Committee at university wide events and activities. The president is a member of the DEI working group.

Vice President

The Vice President will work closely with the President ensuring AdelanteND’s activities meet the group’s objectives. 


The Secretary documents decisions and action items made in meetings and will maintain the shared drive of all documents. The secretary will track participation and events in the reporting mechanisms provided by HR.


The Treasurer monitors the budget for AdelanteND and processes monthly expenses and reimbursements. 

Communications Lead

The Communications Lead conducts the marketing and communications efforts of AdelanteND. This includes posters, website management, articles, sharing of member professional achievements, and related. 

Membership Coordinator/Campus Outreach

This officer maintains the Google and Facebook group list of members, updates it regularly, contacts members to generate participation, composes and sends quarterly newsletters and is the main point of contact for new members. This officer also schedules meetings with new employees at ND.

Events Coordinator

This officer executes the event logistics for meetings, activities and committees. This includes but is not limited to ordering food, supplies, decorations, room reservations, and set up/clean up. 

Article III: General Membership

General membership is open to all employees (full-time and part-time) of the University.

Those interested in membership may join by completing and submitting a registration form.  

Article IV:  Meetings

AdelanteND will meet quarterly as a general body (4 minimum per year) and every other month as a Leadership Committee (6 minimum per year).

Article V: Committees

Committees will be formed and staffed as needed to fulfill AdelanteND’s objectives. Their lifespan will be determined by the Leadership Committee.

Article VI: Funding

The Office of Human Resources provides an annual budget and liaison to AdelanteND.

Article VII: Amendment of Charter

This Charter will be reviewed by the President and Vice President to reflect current needs every 3 years. Amendments will be presented to the Leadership Committee for approval.